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I'm The Quiet One

I'm The Quiet One

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TrashOfDirkJake By TrashOfDirkJake Completed

A quiet kid, Dirk Strider, has his life flipped around when he finally runs away from the life he once lived and goes to a new town.

ThatBowlOfNoodles ThatBowlOfNoodles Aug 04, 2016
I have a friend from New York and I live in Texas but it's complicated how we communicate anyways he calls Texas life military so this made me laugh
MoirailsAtHeart MoirailsAtHeart Jul 22, 2016
The typing quirks are tough for me to read. also i hate having to school.
Ellacapella66 Ellacapella66 Dec 21, 2016
II love thii2 2ong 2o much! IIt alway2 calm2 me down a2 well.
RockeronEx RockeronEx Aug 08, 2016
So I thought homework said homestuck and I was like bOY YOU CAN'T PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THAT
ThatBowlOfNoodles ThatBowlOfNoodles Aug 04, 2016
I love this one but I forgot what it's name was can someone remind me? I'm almost done with Flare on piano though and I love it
xXOliver_BennetXx1 xXOliver_BennetXx1 Nov 01, 2016
Hahaha I roleplay as Mituna all the time I've gotten use to it somehow XD