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One Of The Guys

One Of The Guys

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ChazlinRyder By ChazlinRyder Updated Jun 14, 2012

I suck at descriptions.. so enjoy ;)
Its a girl football player story.

EternalStories13 EternalStories13 3 days ago
When you think you live in a town, Google it to make sure you don't look like an idiot and realise you live in a city with a population of roughly 200,000 *facepalms*
takesomepopcorn takesomepopcorn Jul 07, 2016
Only in er class ? Oml the total of people in my school is like 253 ?
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Nov 04, 2016
My school has like.......2,3,4...... something around 400 or 300 ....... wait, is it 2h? noooo...... I dunno know anymore
penguin4292 penguin4292 Jan 26, 2016
My cousin graduated from a school where there were 11 people in her graduating class
musicislife010302 musicislife010302 Jan 06, 2016
U all know this is exactly like the intro in twilight (the book)
Vi__zieg Vi__zieg Jun 22, 2015
This might be a little late BUT I LIVE A COUPLE HOURS FROM THERE!!!!  I LIVE IN MONTANA ok sorry about that