Aphmau A YouTube Secret *THE PREQUEL* |Completed/Discontinued|

Aphmau A YouTube Secret *THE PREQUEL* |Completed/Discontinued|

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🐢Turtle15Cake🐢 By TCQueeZLG Completed

A sequel to youtube secret!

Aphmau from 11 to 12 all the way to 17 to where she meets aaron.

After aphmaus family was taken from her at a young age shes been running until she meets 4 guys in her 10th grade class in scaleswind.

There names are Ross, Jin, Sky, And barney. She and her best friends decide to start there own youtube channel

This is how aphmau lived before meeting aaron and the rest of her friends


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saphiretheloverofall saphiretheloverofall Apr 30, 2017
I've beat that try doing it for about 1-2 hour strait and not breaking it for a second
                              Brandon: RRRROOOOOSSSSSSS you broke her
AARMAU4LYFE20864 AARMAU4LYFE20864 Mar 09, 2017
I did actually did it with a stop watch and I saw that I held it for 40 minutes and 10 seconds....I am shocked I am still alive...lol
FangirlPotato666 FangirlPotato666 Jul 06, 2017
Watch your language or miku will never date you...anime will never be real
KittyShipper2005 KittyShipper2005 Jun 12, 2017
I can actually do it while breathing so. This Smart A S S can do it as long as she wants
ducky_with_knife ducky_with_knife Jan 15, 2017
*screams super loud at phone because Ross is there* *dies because I couldn't breathe*