A Freak Like Me [Septiplier]

A Freak Like Me [Septiplier]

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Complete Moron By Rainbow_JepsycaFreak Updated Jun 17, 2017

Mark was kind of an outcast. I mean, sure, he has a few friends and he gets along well with others, but no one really wanted to get to know him. They called him a "freak." He was a nerdy goofball who just wanted to help make people happy.  Was it too much to ask? No. He just felt a bit alone.

Jack wasn't the most popular kid. He was pushed aside by others because his look of piercings and dark clothing, loud personality and music taste. Yes, even that. Why judge by music? I don't know, but they did. He's been called "loser", "punk", "weirdo", and the most important one....


These two teenagers would soon find themselves looking for someone who felt the same as they did: lonely. (No, not that type of lonely) What they would find is a "freak" like them.

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