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Cavina Elizondo was sitting next to Draco Malfoy listening to him ranting about the famous Harry Potter. She was very much use to this along with the other Slytherins Pansy, Blaise, Crabbe, Goyle, and Nott. 

He suddenly stopped and all eyes turned to him a look of surprise written in their faces. What they weren't use to was seeing Draco practically crying his eyes out when he saw the female Weasel give Potter a kiss in the cheek that was way too close to the mouth area of Potter.

After the war the eighth years had to be put together because there wasn't enough room for all of them to be in there respective houses. The headmistress McGonagall had given every eighth year a dorm for themselves and even a table in the Great Hall for them. 

So here they were all the eighth year Slytherins, who had happen to be forced by the Ministry to attend Hogwarts for there final year, sat in silence at the end of the table watching Draco look at the exchange between Potter and the Weaslette.