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Roleplay With Me

Roleplay With Me

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Emma~Chan By MCDLoverAphmau Updated Jul 14

In this book, its full of Roleplay scenes and my Characters (OCs). You can make your own and I'll enter you in, and we can have some fun. I'm always going to encourage you people for scenes YOU want to do. I'll have spaces for that, but if you come up with one in a scene, then your welcome to share it whenever. Thanks, and enjoy! ^-^

name Alec Asher 
                              age 18
                              gender guy
                              likes games friends family Netflix TV YouTube animals
                              dislikes lots of people 
                              personality gamer introverted nice clumsy
                              looks red eyes  blond hair usually wears a black hoodie and a red t-shirt 
                               species werewolf
Name- Paige Bethany Johnson (PBJ)
                              Age- 16
                              Gender- Female
                              Looks- Oc book
                              Personality- Oc book cause I'm lazy
                              Species- Human, shadow knight, Wolf
                              Crush- Aaron
                              Other- Savannah Adopted Paige and doesn't know about her being adopted
Emma_Lynn_ Emma_Lynn_ Jul 02, 2016
Elyssa:shes Irene's daughter and doesn't know her family and her crush Is Aaron
SkyeGalaxy SkyeGalaxy Oct 15, 2016
Name: Skye Galaxy
                              Age: 21
                              Gender: Female
                              Personality: shy, kind, self conscious, gamer.
                              Looks: light blue hair with sky blue eyes.
                              Wears: white crop top with a black skirt and white vans with a grey cardigan and a braclet with blue flowers 
                              Crush: Laurance
                              Other: she always wears the braclet.
PinkFluffyWolfey PinkFluffyWolfey Jul 24, 2016
Um how do you know who our character is? Is there a form somewhere?
PinkFluffyWolfey PinkFluffyWolfey Jul 25, 2016
                              And has brown hair with blonde tips. She is shy and scared allot. She loves to help and is very creative. She paints and reads in her free time. She is 18 years old. She is learning witch craft.
                              MCD siblings: garroth 
                              MCD crush:Aaron