The Dragon Tattoo (boyxboy)

The Dragon Tattoo (boyxboy)

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Emily By IndividualLion Updated Feb 08, 2012

Daniel always had a relatively normal life.

 He was never the kid who got picked on, and was never the super popular kid in class, although he was friends with a few. He was normal, with a few above average looks, okay, but normal none the less.

That was until he woke up one morning with a killer hangover, a strange tattoo, and some random guy in his bed. Did I mention he has no memory of the previous night?

As if things couldn't get any worse, turns out the guy he slept with just so happens to be a high ranking Mafia member. 

Daniels life is about to change, whether he likes it or not, but one question still lingers on Daniels mind:
 Is he really straight?

  • amnesia
  • bed
  • boy
  • boyxboy
  • call
  • denial
  • dream
  • drunk
  • funny
  • gangs
  • gay
  • guy
  • guyxguy
  • happy
  • kid
  • love
  • mafia
  • man
  • night
  • party
  • phone
  • sad
  • sleep
  • slept
  • stranger
  • temporary
  • tired
  • unhappy
  • violent
  • wake
skeletonstars skeletonstars Aug 31, 2017
Just gonna mentions you're writing collage and not college. Sorry to be annoying lol
BTShip BTShip Apr 05, 2017
Well you won't need those big arms cause you'll be getting held...maybe
binksPinx binksPinx Aug 07, 2016
Last update is 103011 should I read or nah? It looks rlly good TuT
SpiderPrincipessa SpiderPrincipessa Jul 26, 2016
At least it's not in an extremely visible place. I have a tattoo on the left side of my stomach and people who have known me for years didn't know I had it
immaloony immaloony Oct 24, 2016
Im not quite sure how to handle dating guys bigger than me and I hate being reminded that I'm short so I'm mean -I- normally go for the shorter thinner type but I like brunettes so sorry. You're like this close to being a guy I would date.
BeAuthentic BeAuthentic Nov 18, 2015
Hmmm.... Good news though. It's under your shirt, so as long as he doesn't remember your name or where you live you're good. Keep a low profile.