Babysitting The Bad Boy's Sister

Babysitting The Bad Boy's Sister

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"Shhh.... She's sleep," I said
"She's not going to wake up," he said
"That's not the point, the point is I don't fin-"
He then leaned in and kissed me cutting me off.

Meet Madison Evens she's a shy, innocent 17 year old girl. Maddy (for short) is an outsider, she's not notice at all by anyone. And is the new student at Westfield high. But on the other hand she loves children and has been a babysitter since middle school.  She's now babysitting the Mason's daughter that lives next door.

Meet Daniel Mason he's a cocky, arrogant 17 year old bad boy. He's the school's player and every girl wants to be with him. He gets himself in trouble for fights, skipping classes, and bad grades.

And Daniel has a secret, why are they known for not keeping babysitters and why does he have such a dark path? 

What happens when they're worlds  collide? Would it be for the better or worst?

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