Meh Logics (-3-)/

Meh Logics (-3-)/

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Ever wanted a little bit of mind blowing to your day? Well now you can with 100 questions and statements that will get you to never look at simple things in this world the same way again.

Disclaimer: I did not come up with all these. All I simply want to do is make a book for your entertainment.


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joeyxtrotta joeyxtrotta Jul 05, 2017
Mine asked me out, but now won't text me back... so this is accurate😂
_Saraphina_ _Saraphina_ Mar 11, 2017
Nope. German also uses "Sand", just said differently. That's were the english word came from, and german words for sea and land are different, Meer und Land. So, nope.
N1agreenwood N1agreenwood Jun 04, 2017
Definitely. My crush told me to kill myself. I haven't spoken to her since so I don't think she's my crush anymore. And she was straight anyway so I didn't have a chance (I'm bisexual)
ter8one ter8one Nov 02, 2016
John: Hey Miss Bruggs why did I get a D on the test?
                              Miss Bruggs: Class what's it called when John gets an A?
                              Gordon: Imagination
                              John: Fight me fight me right now
Lunadereader Lunadereader Nov 13, 2016
I think someone ship sea and land and they called it sand and soon they call those white dirt sand The End XD