An arranged marriage || M.E

An arranged marriage || M.E

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Queen Emily By emmaxo123 Completed

//ar·ranged mar·riage\\

He hurts me in every way possible, but I stay...

Because I love him


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-angelicavery -angelicavery Oct 17, 2017
Tbh almost all my clothes are actually from the boys section of the store 😂 sorry not sorry it’s just boys have better clothes and it has better material and stuff.
phoebe_mendes__ phoebe_mendes__ Aug 03, 2017
I always have bad hearing lmfao. Other wise that's what u call ignoring LMao
That's exactly who you should marry. If you don't I will😍
DuhItsDiya DuhItsDiya Nov 24, 2017
Ah the cliche rules...they're there in every forced arranged marriage book and they don't even make sense
-babygrills -babygrills Jul 23, 2017
If I talked to my parents like that then they would have killed me
XxLife_is_randomxX XxLife_is_randomxX Dec 14, 2017
Me and my (girls) best friends wear all of My (boys) best friends clothes and they don't mind at all but now they have to go shopping for more clothes. Oopsies!