Soul Eater Boyfriend Scenarios

Soul Eater Boyfriend Scenarios

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Lyn Ling-Chan By jlynisweird Updated 5 days ago

Do I really have to give a description? 

This story has:

Soul Evans
Death the Kid
Black Star
Crona (idk gender is unknown so it's a male)

Disclaimer: I donut own Soul Eater and the characters.

MyBassy561 MyBassy561 Aug 29
Actually, I would say running away is the smartest thing to do, that way you don't involve yourself and possibly get yourself hurt ect.  But checking it out was probably the heroic thing to do
Am I the only one who thinks Black Star from the Manga kinda looks like Natsu? No? Okay...
What did he do to make them symmetrical? Taped it til it look right? Use a ruler to make sure of it or what?
I like the fact you put duck instead of the acual word. Thats just cute.