Soul Eater Boyfriend Scenarios

Soul Eater Boyfriend Scenarios

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Lyn Ling-Chan By jlynisweird Updated Dec 04, 2016

Do I really have to give a description? 

This story has:

Soul Evans
Death the Kid
Black Star
Crona (idk gender is unknown so it's a male)

Disclaimer: I donut own Soul Eater and the characters.

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Yeahhhh I'm very straight forward when it comes to death the kid
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Random facts! *surprisingly holding baby Hisoka* I like this me!
                              Older Hisoka: *tries to sit next to me*
                              *kicks chair from under him then kicks him away* Get away from me and the you that's actually likable!
                              Killua: HA!
Something is a bit fishy 
                              Oh wait did you do that on porpuse
                              Sorry this comment is very pasific