Soul Eater Boyfriend Scenarios

Soul Eater Boyfriend Scenarios

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Lil Brown Girl By jlynisweird Updated Feb 11

Do I really have to give a description? 

This story has:

Soul Evans
Death the Kid
Black Star
Crona (male in this scenario)

Disclaimer: I donut own Soul Eater and the characters.

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Thank you I hate it when people don’t just say what they think! It’s annoying for everyone including them! 😂😂😂
But he has like... milk hands....idk its like 1:00 at night where I am and I'm tired😂 mind is not were it is supposed to is in a very dirty place XD
BubvleTea BubvleTea Apr 02
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BubvleTea BubvleTea Apr 02
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