Nagisa x Reader

Nagisa x Reader

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This story is about Nagisa Shiota (From Assassination Classroom) shipped with... ahhhhh.... YOU!
Congrats human, you have been shipped with Nagisa! (Okay sorry for being stupid... Here's the plot):

You are an average scool girl who is also really good friends with Nagisa. You two have been best friends and have kept it that way... Until you became 15. You start devolping feelins you have never experienced. (a.k.a. LOVE) Because of this, you realize that you can't live without Nagisa always by your side and you have to fight it against some bullies...

Well, enjoy!

#fetuswriting READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

Also, credit goes to Yūsei Matsui, all characters. (Except for a few I added in there such as Sakura) I do not own these character creations, along with the cover photo...  '-'. Enjoy~

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ohayo_myasu ohayo_myasu Aug 25
*starts getting worried about the states*I'll just curse them out ._.""?
Chliché, but my actual spot in class...
                              In the back, next to the window, and not caring about whatever the teacher may be rambling on about.
Crap, I like to call myself Sakura when my names is FAR than that
She is not shy. Its like how shy can you be if you dress like a slut.
FreshFins FreshFins Oct 23
what is this feeling, so sudden and new? i got the moment i laid eyes on you. my pulse is rushing, my head is reeling, my face is flushing oh~ what is  this feeling? fervid as a flame does it have a name-
                              ill stop now
_Natashi_ _Natashi_ Sep 01
Next thing you know, Lil' Miss Bitch is "being shy" (flirting) with your man.