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Nagisa x Reader

Nagisa x Reader

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♚Kookii♚ By CrystalizedShadow Completed

This story is about Nagisa Shiota (From Assassination Classroom) shipped with... ahhhhh.... YOU!
Congrats human, you have been shipped with Nagisa! (Okay sorry for being stupid... Here's the plot):

You are an average scool girl. (Okay, the setting is that you are are the main campus, in a different branch, still in E class. Even though that will never happen *nervous laugh*) You are a really good friend of Nagisa. You two have been best friends and have kept it that way... Until you became 15. You start devolping feelins you have never experienced. (a.k.a. LOVE) Because of this, you realize that you can't live without Nagisa always by your side and you have to fight it against some bullies...

Well, enjoy! Sorry if I mess up in some paragraphs like put I might put 'I' instead of 'You' because I'm still a noob at writing. I suck so much but... Nagisa is bae so I had to do this! Enjoy~

Also, credit goes to Yūsei Matsui, all characters. (Except for a few I added in there such as Sakura) I do not own these character creations, along with the cover photo...  '-'. Enjoy~

MariaPupluv MariaPupluv May 28
Oh cool I'm not the only person who plans the plot before I begin writing the story~ lol it seems like allot of people on Wattpad just come up with it as they go...
Im Just Thinking Of Sakura Haruno From Naruto I Don't Know Why
TheWoman1o1 TheWoman1o1 May 02
I instantly thought about Lady GaGa then I randomly sang RA RA RA-AH-AHH!
Wait, wait, wait. Forgive me if I'm interpreting this wrong, but is this kayano!? Like the one famous for freaking out over big boobs
Sry that was stupid. Not kayano rant unneeded I apologize *sits down
MariaPupluv MariaPupluv May 28
Insanity, the deep desire to kill Koro Sensei and impress Nagisa is slowly taking over your mind and soul, corrupting you until all self is lost!?!?
                              Or u have a crush sweetheart^^