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My Lethe

My Lethe

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Bai Luo Yin x Gu Hai By baixgu Updated Feb 25

Lethe- a river in Hades whose waters cause drinkers to forget their past. 

Growing up in a small and poor village in China, Zhang Wei was forced to learn the way of the cold and cruel world before he was ten.  But when he turned 16 years old a tragedy hit his family, and he moved to thriving Beijing to focus on his studies and finally live his life as a normal and happy teenager. 
Li Qiang grew up in Beijing, he lived there his entire life.  He was 17 years old and was the most popular and handsome guy in the entire school, and liked it that way.  He lived his  entire life being a wealthy and popular person and he never wanted that to change, but he was craving something more and he wasn't sure what. 
When Zhang Wei joined his class, Li Qiang knew the moment he saw him that there was something about Zhang Wei that intrigued him to his bone.  But will Zhang Wei allow someone into his heart after all the pain it felt?  Li Qiang sure will try to find a way inside.

afroenby afroenby Jul 10, 2016
Ah, he has problems that he doesn't know how to deal with, so he makes terrible choices to relieve these problems.
kiyasnow kiyasnow Apr 07, 2016
No~ I actually like it long xD especially cause it'll be worth the wait ^^ can't wait to see the development between the two xD
mikicheung mikicheung Apr 29, 2016
hi, r u chinese from china? As i read i can think that this seems to be translated from chinese but the cultural aspect still retained. Keep going..
mikicheung mikicheung Apr 29, 2016
by the way is it true high school students in china often got drunk? i have been in china quite often but honestly never visited the bar as i dont like it
mikicheung mikicheung Apr 29, 2016
i think the length of the chapter is fine. r u a male or female? thanks