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Head Over Heels:Broken Fall:Book One: Justin Bieber Love Story

Head Over Heels:Broken Fall:Book One: Justin Bieber Love Story

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LostxInxStereo By LostxInxStereo Updated Mar 04, 2012

He was my best friend.  I've lost him too. After everything with my Dad and Taylor, how could he leave me too? What else was there to say? It's too late to tell him I love him, he probably hates me. He has to. Nobody could want me. I'm worthless...     Lauren McCain grew up in Fresno, with her mother having her at 17, things were rough. She was a single parent, working double shifts at the hospital to make ends meet. But Lauren knew what she wanted from a very young age. She wanted to be a dancer, not only that, she wanted to take the world by storm with dancing and her music.     Now she's 17, an artist that is finally making it big - and that's something to say for the music buisness.     In 2009, her EP was released. That was also the year she met her bestfriend, or ex-bestfriend.  She loved him, she knew that, but he didn't seem interested, so she may as well move on right?     He left too, he's no different than any other guy.  He's another player, with a billion screaming girls begging for his attention.     He wouldn't pick me. He didn't pick me.     After the things my dad said - did, I'm convinced.  This being BIG, it's never going to mean anything. Nobody could love me. Not like that.     Justin doesn't care, if he did, he wouldn't have stopped talking to me....     What happened? I thought we had something.     Losing him hurt more than losing Taylor did.     But I'm worthless.     He couldn't love me - he left.     Just like everyone else will - eventually, it'll just be me.

LeslieNorman1 LeslieNorman1 Dec 12, 2016
Can somebody please tell me in which oder these book go cause I wanna read them so bad 😢😢😢😢😢!!!!???? PLEASE 😇
DestinyBieber4 DestinyBieber4 Feb 23, 2016
I would like to say I like this book she were she grew up cause I grew up there and your not using places people always write about so by far I love this book
Lmao why am I crying?  Listening to That should be me and reading this
bizzlesway bizzlesway Jun 28, 2016
I can just imagine Justin doing the dougie right now. Good times
wofievogue wofievogue Oct 23, 2016
Omg in the name of love is a perfect song You Should listen to if You read this
mcrewe14 mcrewe14 Jun 24, 2015
love it so far only thing that make me read this book is cause I like Justin bieber and the title was interested