The Lost Princess (Zen x Reader)

The Lost Princess (Zen x Reader)

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Bebe ni An Weo Yeon💗 By _CommonSenseIsDead_ Updated Feb 18

Some of the characters are from me and the others are from the author.

I don't own some character.
But I own the plot and some characters. 

Hope you like it!!

Kei Takishima is in the story!?
                              ARE THERE SPECIAL A CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY?
OMG MY (CAN'T REMEMBER NUMBER) HUSBAND IS HERE! Wait. . . MY BROTHER? Dangit Kei, I guess you could have Hikari in this story.
iiAnimempress iiAnimempress Oct 15, 2016
Wizardess Heart (Elias and Klaus) + Speical A (Kei) OMG I'M DYING!! 😂😂👏🏻
Mekaloid_FTLovers Mekaloid_FTLovers Sep 18, 2016
Klaus... Elias... Reminded me of Wizardess Heart😂 is this a coincidence or did you really get the reference from there ? V:
StarlighMix StarlighMix Feb 18
Is this Special A or what Takishima!! Heheh I love that anime
tuna_waffles- tuna_waffles- Sep 21, 2016
Wow.. Kei Takishima from Special A... i love that anime!!!😀😀😀😀