Chat Noir x Reader ~ Kitty and Mouse

Chat Noir x Reader ~ Kitty and Mouse

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You are new to Paris, having moved here from Australia. The other side of the world. You quickly make friends- and discover new enemies.

As soon as the secret of the family heirloom is revealed, it adds to the pile. Love triangles, black cats and being a miraculous holder is the phrase to describe it all. Or completely crazy, that works too.

"We're all mad here."
~The Cheshire Cat


All rights (except for you, your kwami and my OC) to Thomas Astruc, creator of Miraculous Ladybug.

I've reread this and, to be honest, it's really cringey. I'm editing.

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HL_fanfics HL_fanfics Feb 02
Sans: Making my way downtown walking
                              Random person: Bone me daddy;)
                              Sans: WALKING FASTER
What type of human just goes up to someone and says "Hi! You're cute" and then walks away?
LillyHa2 LillyHa2 Dec 10, 2017
                              I think your really cool!
                              I like you a lot!
                              Maybe we could hang out or something...
ItsMichiko ItsMichiko Feb 04
And this my friend... was how the story of Olivia Weasley, a descendant from the Weasley family from the wizarding world, found the love of her life......
AngXlaH AngXlaH Jan 17
Lol I'm Australian and, get this... I just had spaghetti ahhhhh