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Chat Noir x Reader ~ Kitty and Mouse *UNDER EDITING*

Chat Noir x Reader ~ Kitty and Mouse *UNDER EDITING*

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It's Raining Tacos By fandxmtrashed Completed

I don't know why I'm doing this. Also includes my OC. SECOND X READER STORY SO FAR

You are new to Paris, having moved here from Australia. The other side of the world. You quickly make friends- and discover new enemies.

As soon as the secret of the family heirloom is revealed, it adds to the pile. Love triangles, black cats and being a miraculous holder is the phrase to describe it all. Or completely crazy, that works too.

"We're all mad here."
~The Cheshire Cat

All rights (except for you, your kwami and my OC) to Thomas Astruc, creator of Miraculous Ladybug.

This story is complete, but under a bit of editing as it's a little cringy.

How come us Aussies can do your accents and pronounce your country name correctly, yet you people can't. I mean seriously, our accents aren't that strong and our country name is similar to 'Austria', yet everyone can pronounce that correctly and not 'Australia'.
foxyfever foxyfever Dec 29, 2016
nooooooooooooooo I love pandas I was going to use that why do you have to do this to me man
fun-forever fun-forever Dec 20, 2016
*scoffs* everywhere, where ever I look I see weasleys 
*face palms* IT'S REALLY NOT THAT HARD. AUS-STRAY-LEE-AH. Pull. It. Together.
My name is Olivia, but I got by Ollie, Livvi, Liv, or Olive.
Ying Yang Yo! Ying Yabg Yo! Ying! Yang! Yo! (I luv ya if you get the reference")