Chat Noir x Reader

Chat Noir x Reader

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Elizabeth Ending By lizziending73 Completed

I don't know why I'm doing this. Also includes my OC. SECOND X READER STORY SO FAR

You are new to Paris, having moved here from Australia. The other side of the world. You quickly make friends- and discover new enemies.

As soon as the secret of the family heirloom is revealed, it adds to the pile. Love triangles, black cats and being a miraculous holder is the phrase to describe it all.

"We're all mad here."
~The Cheshire Cat

All rights (except for you, your kwami and my OC) to Thomas Astruc, creator of Miraculous Ladybug.

How come us Aussies can do your accents and pronounce your country name correctly, yet you people can't. I mean seriously, our accents aren't that strong and our country name is similar to 'Austria', yet everyone can pronounce that correctly and not 'Australia'.
foxyfever foxyfever Dec 29, 2016
nooooooooooooooo I love pandas I was going to use that why do you have to do this to me man
fun-forever fun-forever Dec 20, 2016
*scoffs* everywhere, where ever I look I see weasleys 
*face palms* IT'S REALLY NOT THAT HARD. AUS-STRAY-LEE-AH. Pull. It. Together.
My name is Olivia, but I got by Ollie, Livvi, Liv, or Olive.
PhoenixProphecy PhoenixProphecy 3 days ago
Ying Yang Yo! Ying Yabg Yo! Ying! Yang! Yo! (I luv ya if you get the reference")