Beyond Us (Dramione)

Beyond Us (Dramione)

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There's a new war hovering over the Wizarding World as a new adversary, Abaddon, threatens to destroy everything and create a new world - to finish what Voldemort never achieved. Hermione Granger, a successful healer at St. Mungo's hospital, crosses path with Abaddon leaving her to be the only survivor in the attack. With the verge of a new war and a strange enemy, Draco Malfoy is assigned to protect her. Where there is chaos, there is peace. 


pls excuse horrible summary. -.-

gorgeous cover by @doleful

Mosstalons Mosstalons Jun 25
I've read through the comments and Im pretty sure no one noticed that the Abaddon is from Aspen Heights wow
Wait but who gave them the assignment if they're the only ....? Wait did I miss something??
Cakelyn_29 Cakelyn_29 May 26
GINNY!!! YAY!!! Am I SERIOUSLY the only one who's freaking out becuz my best friend is here?!! SERIOUSLY?!!
naya_kal naya_kal Jul 05
I'm just gonna tell you right now that Abbadon reminds me of Aspen Heights so don't judge me
YAY! Annie's back! Sorry, I'm obsessed with Dramione! Love your story already!!!
All of the dramione shippers: "We got potter. We got potter"