Beyond Us (Dramione)

Beyond Us (Dramione)

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There's a new war hovering over the Wizarding World as a new adversary, Abaddon, threatens to destroy everything and create a new world - to finish what Voldemort never achieved. Hermione Granger, a successful healer at St. Mungo's hospital, crosses path with Abaddon leaving her to be the only survivor in the attack. With the verge of a new war and a strange enemy, Draco Malfoy is assigned to protect her. Where there is chaos, there is peace. 


pls excuse horrible summary. -.-

gorgeous cover by @doleful

JaLlen_07 JaLlen_07 Apr 09
I really love your stories from the hoax, marry me, even beyond me  on which I really love and this one. I just love really love your stories no matter what. Did I mention that because of your stories I started loving Dramione?
I loved your previous dramione stories and i m pretty sure im gonna love this one too !!!
snowashley snowashley Apr 09
Amazing, I love the aspect on how all of them are changed and not just Draco, update soon? :D
WayHey WayHey Aug 31
Oh my lordy, your writing is so fantastic! Great first chapter! :0
- - Apr 09
Your story is so good! How can I ever write like you! Oh my gosh! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what you come up next!!
I love your dramione books, I bet this one will be awesome too