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Barbie McRae By Hystride Completed

**UNDER CONSTRUCTION - This was written in 7th grade and I'm now graduated from high school with a few college credits under my belt. I'm fixing all of it.**

A shiver raced down my spine and the air thickened. The other end of the alleyway wasn't far, but it didn't seem to be coming closer no matter how fast I walked. Humoring my paranoia, I glanced over my shoulder just in time to catch a fist to the face. I dropped to my  hands and knees and stared at the ground in a daze. My jaw throbbed with each beat of my heart, hammering the side of my face. Strong hands gripped me and dragged me backward. We made considerable progress toward the other end of the alleyway before my dazed mind caught up with reality.

I was being kidnapped.

Florafirefly Florafirefly Dec 16, 2016
It's not a big deal,Iam just getting kidnapped,so it's totally fine you know
Cabagel1 Cabagel1 Dec 17, 2016
Wattpad is messing with me and there's just a giant black screen here. Help me
Cabagel1 Cabagel1 Dec 17, 2016
"Not to much older than me" I can hear all the fan girls screaming "I SHIP IT!" An I am gonna go join them
If me and my friend @c_00kie were kidnapped, we would just annoy them so much they would either kill us or let us go 😂
I thought he was saying that to her, that she was sick as in unwell. Then I realised . Oh