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Little Miss Belle By Hystride Completed

I turned over onto my back just before the man snatched up a fistful of my hair. He yanked me up, setting my scalp on fire.

“HELP!” I screamed. “Let- me- go!” The man slapped his hand over my mouth and began dragging me back toward the street. I sunk my teeth into his palm but he didn’t remove it.

I heard the sound of a sliding van door opening. I tried to twist out of his grip, popping my hips and neck in the process.

“Get the bag!” My captor hissed. His hand was briefly removed from my face to slip a black, cloth bag over my head. He pulled a drawstring tight around my neck.

Florafirefly Florafirefly Dec 16, 2016
It's not a big deal,Iam just getting kidnapped,so it's totally fine you know
horsehero123 horsehero123 Dec 31, 2016
Do they still put missing kids faces on milk cartons because I never seen them in the USA
DashtonCirwin DashtonCirwin Oct 04, 2016
i always get embarrassed while reading stuff like this😂 i  cringe ahhh
Cabagel1 Cabagel1 Dec 17, 2016
Wattpad is messing with me and there's just a giant black screen here. Help me
Cabagel1 Cabagel1 Dec 17, 2016
"Not to much older than me" I can hear all the fan girls screaming "I SHIP IT!" An I am gonna go join them