The Cabin {EDITING}

The Cabin {EDITING}

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Completed// whilst the book is being edited and rewritten it will seem like bits are missing or have been added again, It will be finished soon.// 

You could say Donna thought camp was a good idea for the twins at first, it was always made to help them find a bit of independence. But she clearly didn't think that camp would be the opposite of what she hoped for the boys. 

Maybe Gee and Arthur would of been better off at home that week. But to them, it was the best week spent in Cabin Five.

Woah 0.0 I wasn't expecting it yet but it was good. (((And I understand now what you mean with daddy)))
I've never heard someone nickname an Arthur 'Art' before 
                              It's cute, I have decided
How do you know its big
                              Lol imagine frank pulls down his pants and goes 'oh shitt sorry gTG'
the whole time I just sat there waiting for one of the twins to bust in on them.
This is my plan when I go to camp I'm gunna kiss the girl I like and run like hell
how can i love this so much already and only be on the first chapter? is that possible? :3