The Pit Just Happened? (UNDER HEAVY REWRITE!!!)

The Pit Just Happened? (UNDER HEAVY REWRITE!!!)

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Right Behind You By King-Sideswipe Updated Oct 08

((UNDER HEAVY REWRITE so please stop asking if I will update this. I won't. I'm working on the /REWRITE/, not this.))

Lily's just your average teenage girl. That is until some guy points a gun at her and tries to kidnap her. After that, her life has turned upside down. How will Lily handle the situation? Especially after learning about her past and where she really is from?

 Sides and Sunny are G1 while everyone else is bayverse. WARNING: PLOT BUNNIES HAVE ATTACKED! DX not sure where exactly this will go... Later Sunstreaker/OC/Sideswipe (It's a gradual thing that doesn't happen right away. So yes, the relationship does start out with them being friends.)

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And just so I don't have to say it in every chapter. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT MY OC(s)!!!

Cover image by the awesome bumbleswipe on Deviant Art!
I will NOT and NEVER take claim to the picture being mine!! I will only claim Lily as my own creation!!

Seeing as I'm Mechanophiliac (fetish for cars😅 dont judge), I'd do that xD
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                              I AM ALSO CHRISTIAN, AND THOSE CARS ARE MY BABIES!!!!!
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IM DYING SHES FREAKING LIKE ME!!!! Except I'm not Christian. And I love Bugattis too
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I hear u, I try so hard sometimes but when ppl get me angry I swear slightly...
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