This  Could Be Us (Completed) (Chapters 21 And Up Not Properly Edited)

This Could Be Us (Completed) (Chapters 21 And Up Not Properly Edited)

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This Could be us is about a girl name Kimberly when her dad died when she was six things changed dramatically it was as if Kimberly's mom died with him not physically but mentally  her mom began to do drugs and beat on Kimberley and belittle her telling her she's nothing but a worthless ho a annoying bitch and she even told her it'd be better if she had a abortion. Beginning to get depressed Kimberly's mom finds a man and moves him in immediately her mom begins to feel more alive with him and Kimberley starts to believe her mom was just going through a faze from the lost of her dad when she believes everything will be all right markey Kimberley's new stepfather begins to get bored with Kim's mom and moves on to her raping her every night Kim didn't understand she'd scream and yell for her mothers help but her mother would just watch and laugh at her as a bully would to its victim. So here she is 11years later

  • death
  • drama
  • drugs
  • kingpin
  • pregnancy
  • random
DuNesha_Frazier DuNesha_Frazier Apr 30, 2017
Omg, He's Sick & So Is Her Mother... They Are Sick ! I Like This Book. I Feel Sorry For Her