Egg Hunt (a Joshler one-shot) (lots of smut in part 3!)

Egg Hunt (a Joshler one-shot) (lots of smut in part 3!)

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InthenameofJoshDun By InthenameofJoshDun Updated Dec 26, 2016

It was Easter, and Tyler Joseph takes his young siblings to the egg hunt at the park, a few minutes away from their house. He's surprised to see the most popular kid and biggest bully of him, and probably the other unpopular kids, with bunny ears and a bunny tail. 

But then he hears something about the popular boy which he had never expected at all, and it'll change everything in school. 

Cute, fluffy Joshler one-shot. 

Happy late Easter!

Part of a One-shot Holiday series:

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Hug me, touch me
                              Joshie betta give me hope
                              Kiss kiss kiss 
                              I wanna kiss yo lips
                              But cant right now
                              Arms wide open
                              Arms wide open
                              Cause I'm clinically depressed 
                              I don't know why, I just did.
Omg I read "Josh said as he took a bite out of Tyler's noggin" wtf is wrong with me?¿?¿?
Oh ok I thought it was mint ice cream or wasabi. And I misread lychee as leech wOoPs.
That's a perfectly natural response to seeing the beauty that is Tyler Du-- Joseph.
Idk why I thought they were in school and that was the bell Tyler heard. I'm dumb lmao.