Egg Hunt (a Joshler one-shot) (lots of smut in part 3!)

Egg Hunt (a Joshler one-shot) (lots of smut in part 3!)

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InthenameofJoshDun By InthenameofJoshDun Updated Dec 26, 2016

It was Easter, and Tyler Joseph takes his young siblings to the egg hunt at the park, a few minutes away from their house. He's surprised to see the most popular kid and biggest bully of him, and probably the other unpopular kids, with bunny ears and a bunny tail. 

But then he hears something about the popular boy which he had never expected at all, and it'll change everything in school. 

Cute, fluffy Joshler one-shot. 

Happy late Easter!

Part of a One-shot Holiday series:

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2: Egg Hunt (Joshler Easter one-shot)
3: Spooky Party (Joshler Halloween one-shot)
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5: Christmas Clumsiness (Joshler Christmas one-shot 2)
6: New Year, New (boy)Friends (Joshler New Year's one-shot)

I guess this is why they call it WATtpad 'cause I don't know WAT the fook is going on
aweelle2304 aweelle2304 5 days ago
Good luck with that josh *takes a chocolate egg and skips away*
laneluvsu laneluvsu Jul 05
Am I the only one who stops when they see the top of a picture because they don't wanna see it until it gets to that part of the story...
aweelle2304 aweelle2304 5 days ago
The thought of Tyler being the taller one is messing with my head
moonzebra moonzebra Aug 10
It only been one day😂 and they are together 😂❤️❤️ but that f ucking cute❤️
laneluvsu laneluvsu Jul 05
"You wanna eat my last french fry? You prolly shouldn't do that tbh