The day I'll miss you (Diabolik lovers x reader)

The day I'll miss you (Diabolik lovers x reader)

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|| Aoi || By AoiVampron Completed

Not long ago did you meet the Mumakis after the Sakamakis.
You have now been the sacrifical bride for almost a year and soon something unexpected will happen...
A rivalry... 

'....Damn add more!'
'Best book I've read so far! >~<'
'We appreciate you tagging us Senpai...'

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"Yui doesn't exist (sorry guys ;-;)"
                              MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED
KittyKat747 KittyKat747 Aug 10
Well of course it contains all the $exy stuff!!!!! IT'S DIABOLIK LOVERS!!!!¡!!! XD
yay poptart is not here yay yay yay yay cant stop celebrating ( i think i spelled it wrong sorry )
whyyy!!why yui isn't involved in yor story????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly I don't understand why people hate Yui. Why does she have to be a bitch when she's a good person. She's my baby child.
when she said yui isnt in this i started to um 😅 shout and dance XD i just hate yui for some reason shes just really stupid sorry if anyone likes her but heh XD