I'll Live Up To Your Promise, Aquarius //ON HOLD//

I'll Live Up To Your Promise, Aquarius //ON HOLD//

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Sticy and Graylu lover By Red_Wolf_huntress Updated Oct 30, 2016

It's been a week after Tartaros was defeated,
A week since the battle was finished,
A week since Fairy Tail was disbanded,
A week since Aquarius sacrificed her life,
And a week since Aquarius and Lucy made a promise.

Lucy has finally gotten over the fact that Aquarius was gone and started to start training and live up to the promise she made with Aquarius.

What is that promise?
What will happen to Lucy?
Will she find a new family?
Or even better, a new lover?

Want to know?


Full summary inside.

Lyla231 Lyla231 4 days ago
I live that way everyday when I'm asked if I'm ok I say i'm and put on a fake smile when I'm really cruing on the inside
Ender_Rose_Amos Ender_Rose_Amos Jul 20, 2016
Ahhhhh!!! Aquarius!!! Stop making me sob!! Your ligit tearing me up inside, and its only the first chappie! Great book BTW, now if you excuse me, I'm just gonna go to the corner and cry.
Snow_Hail Snow_Hail Aug 13, 2016
Aquarius didn't die she is just stuck in the spirit world because her key is broken
tyBB01 tyBB01 Feb 18
i know how u feel when people have to disappear and u do is smile when u know your hurting really bad but don't want to show it
shadowishes shadowishes Feb 20
Aquarius didn't die! I recently watched that episode for the first time and Aquarius specifically said that breaking her key wouldn't kill her
_Princess_Lucy_1001 _Princess_Lucy_1001 Mar 30, 2016
That's so good. I can't wait to read it. I'm like on the edge of my seat waiting and staring at my Phone waiting for the first chapter to come. 
                              This is a smart idea for a story or Fan fiction or whatever you call it. *My opinion*
                              Anyway. Please hurry up and Update.