Stop..(Sakuras Sister) (Sasuke Love Story) -DISCONTINUED-

Stop..(Sakuras Sister) (Sasuke Love Story) -DISCONTINUED-

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Genti By Genti_ Updated Aug 30

Ayumi, Ayumi is a beautiful short person. Sasuke finds interest in her but is it because of her body? Or her appearance? Who knows. 

"SASUKE! With S-Sakura MY SISTER?!?" 

"Wait I c-"

"Goodbye." Tears streamed down my face while I ran as far as I can.

How dare you teach dis smol potato da B word...HOW DARE YOU!!
Genti_ Genti_ Aug 19
Omg I'm re-reading my books from last year and I'm writing a new Sasuke fanfiction and trust me I IMPROVED A LOT.
So Sakuras a b!tch in this one too? I'm getting tired of this.
Oh god oh god I'm ........Gonna........Die. I can not breathe oh god
thats the girl on the cover of another fanfic...
I'm done. I.......can't....... breathe.......too...........FUNNY! A HAHAHAHA