The Gangleader and Skittles. (Completed) #wattys2017

The Gangleader and Skittles. (Completed) #wattys2017

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Basically let me tell you how this tale of fuckery and drama began ..........

" Ahh ci she's with you" a guy in a black hoodie muttered as he took in my appearance which was a plain grey hoodie, grey headscarf with leggings and trainers, I only then convinced myself to look at the other group of guys and guess WHAT!!! all the motherfuckers were wearing grey and they are all the bad boys of my school, wait holy motherfuucking chocolate!!!!!?????

The black hooded guy held me at gun point, all the greys looked at me worriedly except Grayson, the meanest mean in my school, his face always stayed neutral except how there is a slight clench on his jaw.
" let the puttana go, she is of no use" he sneered. 

Lemme settle this  bullshit myself

"  Hey black hoodies and grey hoodies i don't know all your motherfudgecaking
asses so Ima leave and grab myself a few boxes of pizza, and grey hoodie I am of use for your stupid information and I know what puttana means!!" 

And that was the first mistake she made.............

Last time I checked my book was #100 in teen fiction  😄😁😀😀😀

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xXHDAlphaXx xXHDAlphaXx Feb 26
You are practically describing me, but as if I was an Indian
valentina_paola_24 valentina_paola_24 Mar 14, 2017
                              I had to read the description 2 or 3 times cos it said " grey scarf" and I'm not muslim but I haveb't found a muslim book so this is a first
TheUnicornAwards TheUnicornAwards Jul 15, 2017
Hello, I am from the Unicorn Awards and I was just reading your summary and thought that it would be an interesting book to enter into our contest. Your thoughts? Have a nice day or night!😘🦄
xXHDAlphaXx xXHDAlphaXx Feb 26
Ok it's done. She is exactly like me, she is my twin. Where are you, I need to hint you down.
xXHDAlphaXx xXHDAlphaXx Feb 26
Bless you child, hope for the best for both of you, btw same with my best friend's dad, he left the family for another women. Stay steong. 🤗❤️
cupcakedads cupcakedads Nov 08, 2016
I'm done with the bio bc she decided to day something like no girl calm all that