My Strong Mate (Completed)

My Strong Mate (Completed)

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(This is the unedited more cringe worthy version. It's the original book. The edited, not as cringe book is being written. You can find it on my profile. Thanks for reading :) 


Penny has been abused since her dad died. Her "mother" hates her, and blames her for her husband's death, therefore wanting penny to suffer for the whole of her life. Penny wants to fight back, and have a normal life, but is that really possible?

Alex has wanted a mate for the whole of his life, and when he finds her, he can't stay away from her for even a day. When he finds out she is being abused, he can barely contain his anger, and wants to kill the reason for her pain.

Will Penny ever escape the abusive woman she calls a mother? Will Alex ever get to be in the comfort of his mates arms? And does Penny ever get her happily ever after?


Warning: has bad language and violence. You also might feel the strong urge to murder some characters, but they are only fictional :) 

By the way, none of these pictures or videos are mine, I just found them on the internet.
If you find millions of song references annoying, then this is not the book for you. I love music and I can't help but add them in. If you have anything negative to say, don't even bother because I'm just going to delete your comments. 

Hope You Like it :)

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