Monophobia (Larry Stylinson)

Monophobia (Larry Stylinson)

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Ally 🤙🏻 By XXDreamONXX Completed

Monophobia. the fear of being alone. Harry was cursed with this and was truly terrified of being left and being alone. But he also had the problem of being in love with his best friend. Yet the fear of Louis leaving him because of his feelings kept him quiet.

Then he found Andy. And everything was perfect. At first. But Andy turned on him. He was no longer the sweet caring man he met. But once again, fear kept him from leaving the abusive relationship. 

Fear ruined his life. But what happens when a friend of his shows him what it's like to live without fear. Will he confess his love for his band mate? Or is he doomed to be alone?

disneychimchim disneychimchim 2 days ago
Okay I'm listening to "they fell in love didn't they" and no Im sad help me😭
When I'm sad I can't smile like Idk why but if I'm sad someone would know but I will be like I'm alright and they would just be like ok are you sure and I'm like yeah and they're like ok and go on about their day 🤷🏽‍♀️
ihate_homophobes ihate_homophobes Jul 21, 2016
Sometimes I forget these are just stories and actually start hating these people for a minute...
oops_hi_louis oops_hi_louis Aug 29, 2016
I'm an ambivert so I love being around people but I also love being alone and listening to music or spending all day in my room
LcalDreamer LcalDreamer Sep 22, 2016
Ok we understood you two have a really high sexual drive but plz stop for a sec...
ihate_homophobes ihate_homophobes Jul 21, 2016
Eleanor... Eleanor... Eleanor... Love thy brothers and sisters, he say, he without sin cast the first stone he said, but god! How can I like her?! She just messes up everything!!!