Sating The Devil

Sating The Devil

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WARNING - MATURE/18 plus preferrably.
His eyes are hooded heavily with lust and his full soft lips part slightly. He is pressing up against me. Hard.

'Are you wet baby?'

I feel myself being pushed against the wall, his erection pressed hard against my stomach. I let out a whimper as his lips collide with mine and his tongue seduces mine. His left hand clasps my leg and wraps it behind him, around his ass, the angle making me very aware of his length against me-


I need him like I need air.

Her father is tangled in the web of The Mafia. 

She is in danger.

For a year she has been recruited as a teacher in 'training' at a safe, elité school; her existence must be kept a secret.

Now. Introducing her protection- Adrian Silvetti. 

Silvetti. The -Ex Italian Mob Leader- Silvetti.

His job is to put Caterina's life before his. His intent should be to keep her safe. But what happens when the hard man *pun intended* grows a sexual fascination for the fiery young woman, beyond the limits of his control? Will the devil be able to resist an angel who is slowly uncovering his darkest secrets? Secrets are sometimes better kept in the dark after all, like Caterina's identity.

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lovemeharder69h lovemeharder69h Jul 04, 2017
i ask my self this question all the time. like god made these people in His spare happy time
Jen-1982 Jen-1982 Mar 16, 2017
Off to an awesome start. I can't wait to start reading and to read more :)
Why the hell am I laughing at "EVIL little elf"? Oh wait, it reminds me of my cousin!
LogicTarantino LogicTarantino Sep 26, 2016
For most of my life I thought that vehicle is spelled Venicle and then found out about a year ago how it was actually spelled and I felt like the biggest idiot in the world.
KrisIsle KrisIsle Apr 05, 2016
Interesting, most interesting. I will wait patienty forthe nex update because this got me to change into a curious little devil.
- - Apr 11, 2016
I have agree she is brave. :) I'm not pressuring you, but I can't wait for the next update.