The Seven Ways to Say Goodbye (Percabeth Fanfiction) {Completed}

The Seven Ways to Say Goodbye (Percabeth Fanfiction) {Completed}

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Mercedes Tyler By CaptainMercy Completed


Percy Jackson had his life straightened out. He was finally out of college, and now was living with his best friend, now girlfriend, Annabeth Chase.

After a freak accident, Annabeth is left lying on the ground, stone cold.

Percy thought his life couldn't get any worse.

But then, after a night of disbelief, Percy wakes up with her curled at his side.

The date was the same.

Stumbling through time, Percy has to find a way to save her, as well as figure out who keeps killing her. And how he was replaying the same day over and over again, Annabeth getting killed each time. Who did this to him? Is it a blessing? Or a curse?

(Warning: May cause feels)

ZinaRefaat ZinaRefaat Oct 20
                              Percy be like, ahhh smol gurl adorbs and everything she's my love.
ZinaRefaat ZinaRefaat Oct 20
Idk I relate to Percy... sometimes I do that LOL. I'm very disgusting 😂
LaTyila LaTyila Jun 25
Well i mean if you could see my stuffed teddy bear it will scare you.
ZinaRefaat ZinaRefaat Oct 20
...... I'm so sorry about my brother's childish behavior, Annabeth. *pulls Percy away* WHY WOULD YOU DRINK FROM THE MILK CARTON U IDIOT.. *remembers I do the same thing*... never mind, let's both run to the store.
wait, I know why Annabeth smells like lemons!!! Spiders hate lemons and it repeals  them!!!! I'm a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Annabeth smells like Lemons because Lemons repeal Spiders!!! that was a awesome idea!! how has no one noticed this!!