A Tough Life (Complete)

A Tough Life (Complete)

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Hello! By My_life32 Completed

"I can see why the guards let you go. Your voice is annoying." I said putting up the last of the games up.

"Don't you have a filter?"

"No. Now let's go." I said grabbing his shirt pulling him out the room.

"I know how to use my legs."

"That's cool. How old are you?"

"Just turn seventeen. Why you asking?" I can tell he was smirking.

I threw him down the hall causing him to stumble a little.

megarax megarax Apr 16
Good start for the first chapter! Details what the readers should expect coming from a book focused on royalty and recklessness.
This sounds really interesting! I'm really liking Asha too! :)
ThursdayEnds ThursdayEnds 6 days ago
This line. I like this. Well thought out and straight up sass
megarax megarax Apr 16
Description is good as well as timing of it squeezing into the paragraph. Some Authors like to describe their characters through (Mirrors) which on my opinion is utterly cliché for an author. ❤
Clida2000 Clida2000 May 04
Is the babysitter Blaylan? I am not sure if I spelled his name right