Loveless ~BoyXMan~

Loveless ~BoyXMan~

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Dementia12 By dementia12 Updated Oct 15

Little Aiden wasn't really what you call a dominant. In fact he was a submissive. An Omega. Because of what he was born as his father pushed him aside. 

Rejecting him as his son, letting anyone in the pack too harm and do as they please.     Being tired of being treated like it. He ran making himself a rogue.   

Being a rogue is a very dangerous life, many as been killed on spot but no one can catch the little omega being a smart thinker he always escaped. Only he finally meets his match and wonders if he will survive this time.

Ha! First one to comment!! Yes!!! Life goal complete!!! Pasta!!!~
Oh my god this cleared up SO many questions can I copy paste it into my book?! I swear I'll give you credit.