Better When We're Dancing (An Undertale Sans X Reader AU) [DanceTale AU]

Better When We're Dancing (An Undertale Sans X Reader AU) [DanceTale AU]

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Temporarily On Hiatus ^^; By LilPuddingVelvet Updated Oct 08, 2016

Beads started to form on my forehead, my head painfully beating as I could hear my blood flowing in my veins. Everyone eyed at every movement I make.

God... My head... It hurts...

A chuckle was heard inside the room, making me snap out of my head.

"So, (Y/n)," A hand was out stretched in front of my face. "Is it a deal, then?"

Taking a small gulp, I finally spoke. "I...I..."


I don't own anything but the story, art (excluding the cover) and the plot.

Neko_Miku_Hatsune Neko_Miku_Hatsune Dec 20, 2016
WELP! If Error was actually the king in real life and has that law I would be dead! Cuz I go to 19 dance classes
taylor_fairy taylor_fairy Aug 22, 2016
I want to be mad at the instructor BUT I CANT GET OVER THE WORDS BEE LINE XD for some reason those two words were hilarious
Fartsyay Fartsyay Dec 17, 2016
The only thing about reading dance tale books is that if it's a x reader it's most likely that you are a ballet dancer not hating on you its a really great book and this is only the prologue it also has a great plot :D
taylor_fairy taylor_fairy Aug 22, 2016
I actually feel like im being watched 24/7 so I find it really hard to change clothes even in the bath room 
                              Its either my 'ability to feel a stare' is way to strong, or its just broken
Error, go back to the anti - void and stay there. No more taking over au's
CatMeowM CatMeowM Jan 08
Well, just say your style is "Free Style". Then all style is game.