Better When We're Dancing (An Undertale Sans X Reader AU) [DanceTale AU]

Better When We're Dancing (An Undertale Sans X Reader AU) [DanceTale AU]

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Beanie Fetish-- By LilPuddingVelvet Updated Oct 08

Beads started to form on my forehead, my head painfully beating as I could hear my blood flowing in my veins. Everyone eyed at every movement I make.

God... My head... It hurts...

A chuckle was heard inside the room, making me snap out of my head.

"So, (Y/n)," A hand was out stretched in front of my face. "Is it a deal, then?"

Taking a small gulp, I finally spoke. "I...I..."


I don't own anything but the story, art (excluding the cover) and the plot.

I want to be mad at the instructor BUT I CANT GET OVER THE WORDS BEE LINE XD for some reason those two words were hilarious
I actually feel like im being watched 24/7 so I find it really hard to change clothes even in the bath room 
                              Its either my 'ability to feel a stare' is way to strong, or its just broken
Queen-Madi Queen-Madi Jun 22
Crys play through is probably the best I've watched so far. Maybe slightly better than Dan and Phil's. /Maybe/
ERROR!? since when was error a king? :T
                              NOT LIKE I MIND IT AT ALL!!
Well where every we are either Donald Trump is ruling or this is not America at all
That was called being awesome thank-you very much u poor excuse for dance instructor.