My Almost Perfect Husband [Min Yoongi]

My Almost Perfect Husband [Min Yoongi]

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♥ Julianne ♥ By bappsae Completed

A WGM based fanfiction for BTS' Suga and the reader.

Min Yoongi// Suga x reader

((I'm slowly editing and grammer-checking this book))

RieGamings RieGamings Oct 23
"Unlucky" Um excuse me? Anyone would think its a BLESSING to go onto WGM with me
                              Im kidding!!
DAE TO THE BAK!God...I'm now imagining me as an idol!with ma bestie!huarghh...palli updateu! ^^ cant wait for the next chap xD
Yep....... Sounds accurate, last time I checked it was Mario Palmer who was unlucky lol you did not need to know that
This is so cute and good! I, looking forward to the next chapter
babyWolf_02 babyWolf_02 Mar 30
I'm having feels rn. 
                              Actually YoonGi is my bias next to TaeHyung ↖(^▽^)↗
Min Yoongi as my nampyeon...╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭ It'll be awesome as hell...sweet dream for me~~ ><