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Teen Titans X Reader

Teen Titans X Reader

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LatashaHarwani By LatashaHarwani Updated May 19

All you ever wanted was to get away from the living hell you used to experience in your old home, and now that that's out of the way, you had worse problems.

Sure, being called a freak was one thing. But barely surviving in your new place was another problem.

The only thing you ever wanted was to be accepted. Clearly, the people in your old place didn't understand that. But when you arrived to Jump City, you had a new beam of hope.

You learned about the Teen Titans and how they lived their lives to save the city. How they weren't judged and was able to live peacefully. You wanted to be like them, to be APART of them, but you gave up.

You knew it was pointless anyways.

So what happens when you substitute for them in battle against 6 villains and get noticed?

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"Why you always lying, why you always lying. Mmmm no my god, stop f***ing lying."
VeggieChips VeggieChips Jun 09
Idk why but I was very impressed by this dot! Gonna start doing that in my fanfics xD
I remember issa the YouTuber having a stuffed lama named Delilah
abbyaster15 abbyaster15 2 days ago
This happens every time my parents hear me sing because,I'm very quiet when I do so.So,it's rare when I sing loud unless I'm really into it.
XD oh yes the powerful being is simply at their domain, eating a lovely bowl of cereal
Kiermerald Kiermerald Nov 04, 2016
My pet boxer is named Delilah! She is too spoiled for her own good