Uke! 2p! FACE x Seme! Male! Reader

Uke! 2p! FACE x Seme! Male! Reader

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Peter 'Seme' Adams By Yaoi_God_Peter06 Updated Apr 12

Like my other story this is a Seme! Male! Reader book which means yaoi is afoot! This isn't a oneshot series, but an actual book with chapters and such.

(Y/N) (L/N) is trying to find a place to live as his mother and father kicked him out of the house. One member of the FACE family meets the perverted man and listens to his troubles before suggesting for him to live with them. A few weeks of settling into his new home, (Y/N) finds that there's a little competition over him. Who will win this competition for Pervy's love?

This story contains:
Drugs (Alcohol and Cigarettes)
Strong Language
Pervertedness (Probs not a word)

"Please, baby, call me Al. It'll be easier to groan as you pound into my tight hole." my dirty imagination adding words. T-T kill me
Who the fûck are you?
                              Matteiu: I asked you first...
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Literally me around my grandparents and my mom XD
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"Ooh, he's hot too. I need to stop." 
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*puts my fists up* yo male me fight me , pastel man is amazing