Forgot About Them

Forgot About Them

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P R I N C E By MissEnigmaticPrince Updated Nov 02

After their Graduation day in Teiko,All of the GoM have planned to take their separate ways leaving Kuroko behind and broken.

While Kuroko was on his way home,a rushing car hit him causing him to have an amnesia.

After several years,The GoM have planned to have a reunion for they realized that they do still need each others back and they miss hanging out with each other.But the real reason is,They realized what they have done to Kuroko,to the youngest one in the group and they are planning to make it up to him and saying sorry to him.

But to their suprised,Kuroko doesn't recognized them when they saw him at the Maji Burger

"I'm sorry,but I don't know you people"

Those Words Broke the GoM's hearts.

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