Harry Potter: Would You Rather...?

Harry Potter: Would You Rather...?

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Would you rather click the Read Tag or drink a Polyjuice Potion containing Voldemort's________?


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AmeliaPad3422 AmeliaPad3422 3 days ago
This one because it would be like normal life we don't know that magic is real it might but it might not
AthenaFangirl AthenaFangirl 6 hours ago
Never know about magic? *snaps finger in z shape* sorry Hun but I need to know!
dramioneiscool dramioneiscool 5 days ago
be a death eater... soz about it but i need to know magic exists and i need to be magic. marrying a wizard is not good enough for me
Umm. While the killing isn't perfect, at least I'm magical...