Shadowhunter Academy: The Blackbourne Institute [On Hold]

Shadowhunter Academy: The Blackbourne Institute [On Hold]

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Charlotte Jessica By a_force_of_nature Updated Jun 20, 2016

A fanfiction story inspired by the characters of CL Stone's Ghost Bird (and Scarab Beetle) series, set in the extended world of Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunters series. I own neither franchise, nor do I claim to. Rights belong to their respective owners.

Starting on May 15th, aka Upload Day (courtesy of the lovely ladies on the FB group).


Sang Sorenson has always been able to 'see' more than ordinary people, to perceive strange and fantastical things out of the corner of her eye that she can't begin to explain, but, as the youngest daughter in a family who see her as nothing more than a glorified servant, she's used to being invisible. She takes solace in these fleeting glimpses into a world where she's not so alone... even if it's all just inside her mind.

In the Downworld, there are whispers of a mysterious, avenging angel who runs the city with an iron fist. Nephilim from the Blackbourne Institute patrol the streets, keeping the peace and silencing anyone who dares disturbs it. Little is known about what goes on inside the gates of the Blackbourne Institute, but one thing is certain. If you catch a glimpse of a Shadowhunter stalking you in the night... run!

When Sang finds herself thrown out onto the streets at night, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to an old, abandoned building that she swears she's never noticed before. Only, it's not nearly as abandoned as it seems. Sang is about to discover that there is more to the world around her than she could have ever thought possible... and she might have finally found a place that she can call home.

Creative inspiration from the brilliant BLTS2004, and a gorgeous cover by rosebud024.

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rosebud024 rosebud024 Jun 17, 2016
I she going to discover she has magical powers and fix it that way??
Lexabookworm02 Lexabookworm02 Jul 09, 2016
*grabs Sang's shoulders and shakes* What will make you understand that your eyes are probably so amazing and you look so beautiful that everyone stares at you when they notice you!!  *Stops shaking* I'm sorry Sang.. You just don't understand.... All cause your sister...
anon2404 anon2404 May 21, 2016
In any reality I loathe Marie, and running to mummy dearest at her age and treating anyone like that,  just cements that special place I have have for her ... In hell.
Lexabookworm02 Lexabookworm02 Jul 09, 2016
If I was Sang:
                               "It's fine I don't even want to go... He's all yours...." *shudders*
NeverSt0pReading NeverSt0pReading May 30, 2016
Ooh I absolutely loved this first chapter! Great job writing :) As usual I hate Marie, lazy wench!
Pradainpink Pradainpink Mar 29, 2016
WOOHOO!! Can't wait...I think you should release it on the 14th instead so I get it as a birthday present :D