Toyed 1(Badboys Love) Book #1

Toyed 1(Badboys Love) Book #1

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By: Eunice Barrios.

I woke up, I feel the cold water
in my face.
I was surprised to see my self
chained without any clothes.

"Damn it! What's happening. "

"Glad, gising ka na. " The big boss!

"What the hell is this?! "

"I told you to stop stalking us,
to stop destroying my business.
But you're hardheaded so you're
going to pay now." Aniya sakal ako..

"Your beautiful "He whispered. Staring my
naked body.

"Stop staring me asshole. You'll
pay for this damn you. I'll kill
unchained me and give me
back my fucking clothes!!" Sigaw ko sa mukha niya.

"Oh ? you look so scared, I love it, and
wait, why giving back
your clothes? You look great
naked. "He said come even closer and lik my neck.


"Per... vert! "Utal ko.

"Really? I was dreaming about
doing this to you every night
since I meet you.  Now
you're here I don't want to let the
chance of me to do this. "He
said get even  closer to me and lift
my chin. He explore my body
with his fingers,  he
caress me and............


She starts loving and fighting for him in a sudden..

TOYED(Badboys Love) Book #1.

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