Opposite of Me z.h

Opposite of Me z.h

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Carter Simmons By ziallfiles Updated Aug 22, 2016

[ziall; on hold]

Zayn is 22, he's an artist in uni and the only thing he's ever cared about is his art.

Niall is 21, he's studying music and has always cared about everything

Zayn had a colder heart, not caring much for others or animals and was selfish. Niall's heart was warmer, he wanted to make the world happy, and was selfless.

When Zayn first met Niall his eyes recognised him as art, and that's what struck Zayn's interest.

When Niall first met Zayn his ears recognised Zayn's voice as music, and thats how Zayn became another person in his life

With the two so opposite, yet so fascinated and inspired by one another, what could happen?

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forgetroger forgetroger Nov 24, 2016
I like how you've made zayn say this in quite a few of your books but in different ways every time.