Goddess Of Nature ||Naruto Fanfic||

Goddess Of Nature ||Naruto Fanfic||

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Monkey D. Angel By Luffyz_Pirate_Queen Updated Nov 01

Description: Hanako, a girl whose clan was massacred, and was the sole survivor, lived in the forest after the massacre and later on befriended a squirrel who she named Z. After living in the forest for 7 years, she decided to find a suitable village and become a ninja. After visiting many villages, none were suitable for them but lastly they arrived at Konoha and decided to stay there. 

~Follow her life as a ninja as she encounters interesting yet dangerous events~

Author-chan: Sorry... I'm just horrible at description...(。-_-。)

HurlingUNICORN1 HurlingUNICORN1 7 days ago
I was previewing the first chapter to see if this would be a good book and I saw pet squirrel and I was like YEP
tri-force66 tri-force66 Jul 29
z) whatcha gonna feed me
                              hanako) DEEZ NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!
                              z)....................we eatin GOOD tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry ignore all my comment I have a really inappropriate mouth well mouth
I love how they aren't weirded out by the fact she's talking to a squirrel XD
NekoChibi44 NekoChibi44 Oct 29
He reminds me of the squirrel from brothers conflict don't know why