Goddess Of Nature ||Naruto Fanfic||

Goddess Of Nature ||Naruto Fanfic||

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Monkey D. Angel By Luffyz_Pirate_Queen Updated Aug 31

Description: Hanako, a girl whose clan was massacred, and was the sole survivor, lived in the forest after the massacre and later on befriended a squirrel who she named Z. After living in the forest for 7 years, she decided to find a suitable village and become a ninja. After visiting many villages, none were suitable for them but lastly they arrived at Konoha and decided to stay there. 

~Follow her life as a ninja as she encounters interesting yet dangerous events~

Author-chan: Sorry... I'm just horrible at description...(。-_-。)

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He knows how to clean in his apartment too, it's part of his past life because his home Alone he doesn't have a father because he died so as his mother
I've had a pet squirrel she lived in the bush outside my house I named her squirrelly and gave her nuts and berries I put a soft doll sofa in the bush and a a soft bed
what kind of person says that?
                              oh pfff your whole family died? just call me grandpa!
                              .... actually... lots of (nice) old men would say that...
xiucookies xiucookies Mar 11
I'm sorry to bring this up if not a K-pop fan but not today is a really good song by BTS and you need to join the Armi which is there fandom
First of all Kakashi knows how to cook if you guys watch his past life
All these people with dirty thoughts while I'm over here thinking "isn't it supposed to be lady's first?"