Sebastian's Daughter (Black Butler, 2014KuroWattyAward Winner) COMPLETE

Sebastian's Daughter (Black Butler, 2014KuroWattyAward Winner) COMPLETE

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Myranda By the2anime_fanatics Completed

Selena Michaelis is the daughter of a demon and a fallen angel. She lives alone in the woods, trying to stay away from humans as much as possible, which is getting harder and harder.

She's running from demon hunters who want to catch and experiment on her. Their are hardly ever creatures like her, and everyone wants to see her. 

She's doing her best to stay away, while at the same time, searching for her father, Sebastian Michaelis, hoping he can help her.

(I don't own Black Butler, I found the cover online and had a friend change it a little so that it fit the story. I only own Selena, and whoever the hunter/scientist people are going to be. Sorry about another lame description. I'll try to edit that later. But that's pretty much what the story is about. I don't know if this will contain spoilers, so I suggest watching the anime, then coming back to my story. Love to all my fans. Hope you like this story :)

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Yup offiaclly imaging her as the original Ace: Ace Michaelis
But a fallen angel is a demon......
                              Oh and....
Please don't let her mother be Angela ...😓😓😓😓😓
Well... That isn't his real name so... Either she got a rumor or something about his new name 😒
I like it but FYI Sebastian doesn't have a name it was given to him by ciel when they made there contract but Ill let the little detail slide because the rest of the chapter was pretty good
LivingAsTheUndead LivingAsTheUndead Nov 20, 2016
Omg I accidentally mixed ceil and Sebastian's name to make Ciel Michaelis