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Falling in pun with you (Completed fontcest Story)

Falling in pun with you (Completed fontcest Story)

63.6K Reads 3K Votes 27 Part Story
Jessica By Intellectualpan Updated Jul 10, 2016

A skeleton named Sans falls in love with the only thing that makes him happy, that made him feel complete... his brother Papyrus. But when sans suspects papyrus of falling for undergrounds hottest star Mettaton he fears he'll never get his bro to love him. What will sans do? Fight for his brother or let him be with someone else?

{ Please note: If you haven't played Undertale or don't like the ship foncest don't read, but if you do ENJOY :) }

febrieze febrieze Jul 05
                              THIS IS INCEST.
TheFlamingFoxGirl TheFlamingFoxGirl Aug 03, 2016
Fontcest. I love it. I like sanscest too.(AU sans X AU sans)
Q9TheGirl Q9TheGirl Mar 03
Alright I don't ship it.
                              But I wont judge either.
                              I'm just bored so I'm reading this.
                              I like it doh.
PriaSama PriaSama Jul 05, 2016
Sans you have no place to complain if you won't do anything about it
sansislife12 sansislife12 Aug 09, 2016
My eyes are playing tricks on me... I thought it said
                              "Papyrus finished making the INCEST"
                              I had to look back again like "wtf did I just read??????"
AlieWriterCat21 AlieWriterCat21 Oct 12, 2016
Hoi am back here again and it's like the millionth time I have read this