After a desperate attempt to pull herself through depression, Marinette finds herself struggling to balance being a superhero and a student at the same time. 

Time for some Marichat angst.

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Chloe the world would be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better if U didn't exist. The only reason I'd rather keep U is because with U fanfics are more jucy!
aadilah_123 aadilah_123 Jan 04
Me: F*** u chloe. *grabs knife* im comin 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is this Marinette, or a girl about to get akumatized, or both?
ElizabethSanchez069 ElizabethSanchez069 Sep 09, 2017
You have to have a really big heart and care for someone a lot to let them go.
Lila....... U know U have a lot of haters but don't worry im just here 2 offer U a wonderfull vacation...........TO HELL!!!!!!!
You know this probably isn't a good thing but I relate to Marinette so much...