Not So Worthy

Not So Worthy

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ShawnaVictoria By Queen_Shawna Updated Sep 05

Go to school. Get your education. Stick to yourself. 

   That is Kellie Robins motto. Having friends was never a big necessity to her life. Some of her fellow classmates begin to try and befriend her. Being that she doesn't want any friends she continues to ignore them like she always does. 
   Kahlil Hawkins is one of the students that's trying to befriend her and he won't stop until she is his friend. He constantly bothers her until she finally gives in and pretends to be his friend.    Eventually, the two becomes closer than they thought they ever would and Kellie begins to break away from the group, due to her "motto."  
   Her group of friends then becomes skeptical and thinks her breaking away from them is more than just her motto.   

   Is there really more to what Kellie is telling?

taneiartxo taneiartxo Nov 26
Yep, I've said this before but if I found that one girl who was super down to earth and fun to be around, I'd be so happy to finally have a female best friend. It's so rare.
taneiartxo taneiartxo Nov 26
She really is petty, I don't think I would have gotten along with her lol that's childish. At least look at them or something, don't act all high and mighty.
What is it with niggas and types. like nigga please nobody has types because they find themselves getting out of their comfort zone
taneiartxo taneiartxo Nov 27
Lol this is so unrealistic in reality.. there's no way she would still have a job if this was true.. but lemme keep reading.
Kxiaaa Kxiaaa Oct 12
Gurllllll you're slightly dramatic 🙄 but let me continue reading
c-sosavage c-sosavage Oct 17
I mean, minus the not having any friends part, this is wholly accurate