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"Mi fai innamorare di te..." His warm breath danced on my skin. "Make me fall in love with you." He whispered against the crook of my neck.

Although he couldn't see my facial expression, I smirked at his words. "You've already fallen."


I always loved the way fire burned. As a child I was scolded to stay away. Something about it was mesmerizing and I could never escape my affection for it. There was a new form every time, not once was it the same. It was unattainable but you could work your way around it. 

So when he showed up, it wasn't much different. I was immediately attracted to him. Everything about him reminded me of it-his fiery attitude and smokey essence...I couldn't get enough of him. Something in me never wanted his blazing inferno to die down.

I had the burning desire to touch fire.

I had the burning sensation to touch Vince Valentino.

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Same, I'm glad I cut the majority of the negativity and reflectors from my life.
So did I, I've kept a lighter or matches for as long as I can remember.
skyreader_ skyreader_ Apr 02, 2016
Aww this sounds so yummy already.. lol 😗 I can't wait!! 🙌
AaaawHellYeah AaaawHellYeah Jul 26, 2016
It's actually 'Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back.'
dxxa_maemae dxxa_maemae Jan 11
Then get your act together and stop acting like a stick up no good son of bitch🖕🏽🖕🏽(sorry for my colorful language😊)
mandyln mandyln Apr 02, 2016
Oooooh lala! I can't wait till this book gets going! I'm already excited! 😀🙌❤