My Fake Boyfriend

My Fake Boyfriend

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 *The re-written version is now published. You don't have to read this one to understand the re-written one* *I choose not to read this book because the grammar is horrible but if you still wish to continue then be my guest*  Picture this, a blonde haired girl agrees to meet at the bad boys house, as she is sneaking off she bumps into him. No big deal, right? Wrong.

When Krystal James and Josh Gardner discovers that they are voted as their high school's cutest couple, they are stunned until a lightbulb goes off in Krystal's head.

Fake boyfriend? Win homecoming? Take down the Queen Bee?

Sounds like a perfect plan, just watch out for cupids incoming arrows. 



"The kiss was slow, yet passionate" ~Krystal James

HBTanner4 HBTanner4 Jul 25
Yes, I'd rather have a cocky, arrogant, SOB for a president rather than a shady liar who smuggled weapons out of Lybia, then put our national security at risk by having classified emails on her PERSONAL LAPTOP!
sweetlex14 sweetlex14 Oct 30
Honestly no, I think Trump is not capable of taking on that job. I know some are with him, but this is my opinion just saying.
fromnetflix fromnetflix Oct 29
"…and listening to one direction's sad songs?  
All the books i read with bullys are usually white girls named Ashley tbh