Scary Facts

Scary Facts

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Dark Secrets By Innocent_Oblivion Updated 16 hours ago

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This book contains eerie yet interesting facts and stories from all over the Internet, certain to keep you awake at night.
This also includes lists of top countdown for every milestone. 

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My cat tore part of my shutters off but it was only a little bit...
Tbh honest that's why I don't go to sleep before 11 anymore, because if I do I wake up extremly early and I can't go back to sleep....
It's my sister , I would tell at her and say " since when you had the habit of staring at me while I'm sleeping ?!!!!! "
NanrieeCream NanrieeCream 4 days ago
I think that might be my mom
                              And she was like
                              "HEY WAKE UP YOU STUPID CHILD IT'S ALREADY 7 IN THE MORNING"
                              Though  it's 2:30
When you fall asleep on Fazbears nightshift...the animatronics are watching you and calling you weird
ominousghost ominousghost 4 days ago
who’s never sleeping again? we can all pull an all(life)nighter together