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SHUNNED ... a Mennonite prairie saga

SHUNNED ... a Mennonite prairie saga

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Michelle Greysen By MichelleGreysen Updated Jul 07, 2013

Shunned ...
changes everything we hoped to be true and makes us question our own family history in a way we never imagined.

Shunned ...
 is a story of all that and more. It challenges our strong prairie heritage, our strength of the family unit and our devotion to faith, with a simplistic honesty and a longing to believe in that which moves one forward. It follows generations of a family with a faith unable to carry the lies, to the defeat of the history and the detachment from all which should matter. This story is very unique and yet very common all in the same plot, a tale so interchangeable and threaded through many families with a history routed in old-country denials, new-world half truths and modern day dysfunction.

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